25 April 2013

Piracy encouraged

Cory Doctorow posted on Twitter about Lauren Beukes' new book (The Shining Girls) and I went to buy immediately since I really enjoyed Zoo City.

Amazon only sells a Kindle version naturally, so I wanted to find an .epub version. A South African site (Kalahari.com) sells it, but won't sell it to me because I'm not in South Africa. Piracy encouraged again! I will buy the paperback, which will sit on my shelf unread, like all of Cory's books, but I'll try and find a dodgy epub version to read. I want to shove money at this. I want to buy. I don't want Kindle format (and even the epub is DRMed).

No wonder the global economy is in a slump when people can't spend their money on things they want...

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