22 December 2008

Dark is the new light

In common with most things professional these days on confusers, taking your interface colours down a notch proves restful for the eyes when staring at a screen for megahours as is common. I recently installed a new theme on Fx called PitchDark, which darkens all the surrounds to my actual web browsing nicely, but I still had the shocking white about:blank page whenever I started Firefox. The solution is as shown to the left made possible by editing the usercontent.css script in your Firefox profile (a task much simplified if you use the MR Tech Toolkit extension) to add the following stuff from this page: http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2007/12/customize-firefox-blank-page/ to it, I just changed the default BRIGHT YELLOW!!! to a more sober #211111. The Firefox logo is encoded in BQSE64 in the css.

7 December 2008

Last day at NewTek Europe

It's my last day at NewTek Europe tomorrow. I have been made redundant because of the drop off of LightWave sales meaning that my position was costing the company too much. It's quite exciting though.

2 December 2008

Quick OS tuning

Don't search for "Free registry cleaner Vista" on Google. You'll get about a million results all of which seem slightly dodgy. Instead go here: http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2420597&SiteID=1 and a nice chap with the dubious title of S.P.G. tells about a Microsoft solution that worked just fine for me thanks.

Quick Fx tip

To allow you to use Alt S to submit posts in a variety of forum software and to save elsewhere in Firefox you might need to change this: ui.key.contentAccess in Firefox's config. To do so type about:config in the location bar and click to continue. Then enter the above into the filter field and change the 5 to a 4.