21 July 2009

VoilĂ  Wuala

I've been using Wuala for a couple of weeks now. It's a very handy p2p file sharing tool that means that you can have private online storage without needing to set up an ftp server, that works faster than an ftp server. You can create shared directories or better yet groups to which you invite your client and it gives you a two-way street for sharing assets. It's free of charge, multiplatform and all data is encrypted. Have a look for yourself: Wuala

7 July 2009

Downloadable DS demos on the Wii

Just a very quick one here. Did you know that you can download demos of games to your DS from your Wii (if you have both of course)? On the Wii you need the Nintendo channel. You go into it and choose the "Our Titles" item from the top of the screen once you have the list of videos. Now choose the bottom item from the list "Downloadable DS content" and you will see a whole bunch of downloadable stuff. You just need to make sure your DS is on, and in Download Play and the Wii will start sending the file once it has it. I just played Ninjatown on it, which is a cutesy RTS game with DS elements.

The only downside on the DSi is that the download is not permanent in the way software from the DSiStore is.

PS. We have a DSi and a DSLite here in the house, and the Wii is set to WPA for wi-fi (and so is the DSi) but the DS Lite had no problem downloading...

PPS. Please excuse the execrable page layout. Making tables in Blogger isn't fun in a hurry with the stupid size of the edit window, having to do it in HTML and so on. Also, the text in the pics is obviously in French - no choice since we live in France even though the rest of the Wii is in English - but the locations of the buttons to hit will still be the same.