12 July 2019

Fallingwater in 3D

Having watched a documentary recently about architecture superstar Frank Lloyd Wright, I decided to try and make use of my expensive computer setup to recreate one of his finest projects, the house he named Fallingwater. This post is going to be a series of notes to help me combine all the various details I can find about the project.

1491 Mill Run Road
Mill Run, PA  15464

 First steps in Modeler


Based on a set of plans found on an Italian website of famous buildings (thanks, Paolo), I have started with a set of boxes to represent shapes found in these images:


They have no visible scale, so right now I am merely copying the shapes I see and hoping to get a better sense of dimensions through documentary evidence. The best so far has come from the fallingwater.org site listing the following requirement:
Visitors using wheelchairs may visit the first floor of the house. Wheelchairs must be able to fit through a 28" doorway to access the first floor.
A number of videos on YouTube are going to prove useful as visual reference, if nothing else:
 A friend gave me a link to much higher resolution plans for all the floors that will mean restarting, but in a much better, more accurate, way.