21 September 2012

Master and Comm... no, wait a minute

Fona and I are still trying to complete our DVD collection and since
Finn was going out with a friend we decided to watch one of the
remaining 69 films in our collection. Only while the cover said Master
and Commander, the disc inside was a film called Match Point and
neither of us knew the film. It's a Woody Allen title with a cast full
of people we recognise so we said, why not? We watched it and it
seemed far from Woody Allen's comfort zone, not being very fun and
also about upper class Brits rather than New Yorkers. It turns into a
love triangle thing between Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Chris Wilton, his
wife Emily Mortimer's Chloe Hewett Wilton and Scarlett Johansson's
Nola Rice. More Woody Allen perhaps but without the farce elements.
Any road up, at the risk of spoiling a film from 2005, Fona hates a
film that doesn't end well (she dislikes Arlington Road for the same
reason), so while she gives this 1/10 for the flat I was more okay
with it and I've give it 2/5.

So we still have 69 films to watch!