9 October 2018

GMail issue

The old GMail calendar

Okay, it's only a little thing...
I am subscribed to NASA's email feed for when the ISS passes overhead for me. I've been subscribed and I've viewed the ISS loads of times (it has been noted on my calendar 34 times for this year so far, and I've been on the mailing list for at least ten years) and it was always easy to add to my calendar:

Grab the date and time of the passge:

Click the Add button at the bottom of the calendar gadget and type "ISS", then paste the copied text from the email. The calendar gadget then sets up a calendar entry with the title "ISS Visible:" at the correct time, with the duration right, too.

All this has changed now with the new "improved" GMail. For a start, I have to just have a list of meetings, etc. to the right of the mail - not in a calendar format. Secondly, if I click New Event in this new calendar it does title the event SpottheStation, but has a stupid time and I cannot simply paste the text from the SpottheStation email because the new GMail calendar add-on cannot parse it.

This means that I need to spend time in here sorting out the calendar event in a longwinded fashion. I know you, dear reader, will say "Pfft, first world problem! That's not so difficult..." and I agree, but it was working brilliantly already and now has taken a huge leap backwards.
It doesn't even have alarm settings on the Add Event page, meaning you still need to go into the full calendar to change that.

PS. I clicked Post and was recommended I share the good news of my post with _all_ my followers on Google+ (which got closed down today)

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