17 March 2012

The Piracy Threshold epilogue

Someone told me about MakeMKV, a free bit of software for ripping Blu-Rays. I used it and showed Rare Exports to my first class of Culture and Media students yesterday. We all liked the film and found its premise and execution very original. Better yet, I have started discussing comic book adaptations with my other Culture and Media class and they thoroughly enjoyed Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The rips were about 20 GB each, so not exactly portable but I now know what to do to show Blu-Rays to my students. Cyberlink were very good and didn't quibble at all about giving me the full price of PowerDVD back. I'm still out my time and the €90 I spent on a waste of time Blu-Ray drive and HDMI cable, but hey, that's the trouble with trying to do the right thing...

Oh yes, and the MKV file didn't complain about being played in VLC over the VGA cable to the projector either.

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